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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  December 7, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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activity that could move through portions of southern maryland, too. watch out there, we have severe thunderstorm warnings to the south. look at the flood warnings. every single county is under a flood warning from washington, d.c. down i-95 and back through the la ray area. on top of that, we have winter storm advisories for everybody in the purple. winter storm warnings for the areas in pink. it's going to be one heck of a ride over the next six to seven hours, guys. hopefully, we are all aboard. >> all right. thank you, doug. road crews across the area are gearing up for the possibility of snow tonight. all the rain today has slowed their efforts. erika gonzalez is in alexandria now, erika? >> thanks, jim, good evening. it is cooler now than it was this morning. as far as the rain is concerned, it's let up. it's drizzling on us. it was pouring an hour ago.
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that means v-dot is one step closer to taking on to the streets and getting ready in anticipation of tonight's winter storm. one to two inches of rain has fallen over the d.c., maryland area causing massive potholes. >> this situation here, you can't do anything to fix it. make it safe for when the weather gets better. >> some as large as five feet by two feet wide, more than a foot and a half deep. the rain caused creeks to rush and swell. authorities are reminding everyone to avoid flood prone areas. don't drive-through flooded roadways and attempt to cross flooded streets. remember the saying, turn around, don't drown. it's the change from rain to snow that has v-dot ready to take to the streets to prevent accidents. snow is key at v-dot.
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we prepare as early as june. >> reporter: northern virginia added $20 million more to its budget and added more snow trucks to the fleet. another thing helping v-dot fight off the snow, ground temperatures have not dropped trastically. it's a sign the snow on the roadways won't stick. it only takes six inches of water to stall your car and it only takes two feet of water to float it. it's a very dangerous situation out here. still dealing with flood prone areas, cars zipping along. if you don't have to be out, stay home. that way v-dot can go out and p prepare the streets in anticipation for a heavy commute tomorrow morning. we are live in alexandria, erika gonzalez, back to you. >> thanks. today's weather didn't
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dampen the enthusiasm of occupy d.c. protesters. there was a stand in at a busy intersection. chris gordon is downtown with more. chris? >> reporter: we are at the occupy d.c. encampment at mcpherson square. police made 62 arrests. as the demonstrations continue into the evening, they expect more. the demonstrators call it a day of action. action that disrupted downtown washington. they marched up one side of connecticut avenue and down the other been noon, chanting and spreading their message. when the demonstratored got to 16th and k street, they met up with our d.c. and people from all over participating in the
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effort called take back the capital. organizers said there were 1,000 people here in the street. >> we are here to send a message to these guys that we need jobs and we need them now. >> i'm part of a generation that grew up economically worse than my parents. i don't want that for them. >> reporter: between noon and 1:00, they blocked the intersection at 16th and k street. most of the crowd marched down k street. this group of 11 demonstrators, people who came from across the country, including two members of the clergy stood their ground on 16th and k despite police warnings to move. >> you will be arrested. this is your third and final warning. >> reporter: do you want to get arrested? >> no but i want to stand-up for what's right in this country. >> i don't want to get arrested, i have to get arrested. >> reporter: why? >> social injustice in america. we are tired of being brutalized
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by our government. >> reporter: police officers moved in arresting the demonstrators who went peacefully. their hands tie d behind them with plastic bands. they were charged with ob jukting a highway. other arrested were made at 14th and k and other areas throughout the city. this evening, the demonstrators are marching to the white house, the supreme court and a fund-raiser for newt gingrich which is being held at a downtown hotel. that's the latest from mcpherson square at occupy d.c. back to you in the studio. >> chris gordon, thank you. jerry sandusky in police custody, again. he was arrested today after two new accusers came forward. prosecutors say the latest victims claim to have been abused by sandusky when they were young boys. he's facing 47 counts of child sex abuse with ten victims over
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a 15 year span. he is denied the allegations against him. sandusky is being held on a $250,000 cash bond. the preliminary hearing scheduled for next tuesday. the lathest on the republican race. mitt romney seemed to make a conscious effort to set aside his mild mannered image. a blistering attack on president obama. brian mooar has our report. >> reporter: losing ground and running out of time, romney is fighting to convince conservatives he is the man to take on president obama. >> i don't think he understands why our economy is the most successful in the world. i don't think he understands america. >> reporter: he went on a rampage. romney was well received as he slammed the president for being too tough on israel and too weak on iran. >> he seems to be more generous to enemies than our friends.
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that is the tendency of someone who is unsure of their own strength. >> reporter: romney's strength is wayning at the worst time, 27 days before the iowa caucuses. newt gingrich is in the lead and gaining momentum. >> how many agree we are far enough off the right track we need fundmental change? >> reporter: his message is clearly hitting home with conservatives who question whether romney is conservative enough. romney is attacking the former speaker who has been married three times on family values in a new tv ad. >> i will be true to my family, faith and country. >> reporter: they are fighting for the conservative core of the gop. gingrich and romney slug it out, the obama campaign is writing attacks for both republicans. on capitol hill, brian mooar, news 4. there's an investigation under way between the connection between the prince george's
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hospital system and jack johnson. kenneth glovr is taking a leave of absence for the health care system says his leave will allo independent council to review the interactions between the hospital and johnson. no one from that company has been charged. jack johnson was sentenced to seven years in prison for taking bribes. still ahead, former governor rod blagojevich says he has nobody to blame but himself for his stupidity. one of the harshest prison sentences for a trial. a syracuse basketball coach will not be charged. it's the first debate of the 2012 senate race. only the top two candidates face-off. what's ahead in sports? >> redskins getting ready for the patriots and still answering
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questions for the first time since actually finding out trent williams and davis were going to be suspended. the capitals heading north for a line combination. they got more alex on it. brad, where we going? just a second. just, just one second. ♪ what are you looking at? don't look up there. why are you looking up? ♪ get outta the car. get outta the car. ♪ are you ok? the... get in the car. get in the car! [ male announcer ] the epa estimated 42 mpg highway chevy cruze eco. from spending time together, to spending your lives together, chevy runs deep.
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the former assistant coach at syracuse university at the scepter of a sex abuse case will not face charges from the state. two men claims bernie fine molested them when they were children. the district attorney says he believes the claims are credible. he says he cannot prosecute because the statute of limitations in the case expired. bernie fine would face federal charges. federal officials raided his house and con fi skaited a number of goods including cell
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phones and computers. the seat is being vacated by jim webb. julie carey has details from richmond on how the candidates went head-to-head. >> reporter: the most seasoned political figures both former governors. they didn't hold back accusing each other of big spending. cain took aim at allen's spending. >> they turned the biggest surplus in the history of the united states. >> reporter: republican allen blasted cain for promoting president obama's initiatives. >> deficit spending, trillion dollar annual deficits have become the norm. $4.4 trillion added to the deficit. >> reporter: they would
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stipulate life begins at conception. >> i do not believe the state should say life begins at conception. >> i believe life begins at conception. >> reporter: it didn't take long before george allen's 2006 gaffe entered the conversation when a panelist asked cain if the subject was fair game. cain complimented allen for his apology, but added -- >> there's a name calling and bullying aspect of this, which is in very long supply now in washington. it's not who virginia is. >> my view of that was it was a mistake. i never should have singled out that young man. he was doing his job. >> tea partiers protested the debate. >> it's having a debate going on between mitt romney and barack
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obama and circumventing the political process. >> reporter: george allen will debate with other gop challengers. he's agreed to three debates that begin next spring. julie carey, news 4. doug is here with more about the wild weather out there. >> yeah. we are talking really wild weather. south and east of us, 70 degrees. thunderstorms. to the west of us, 35 degrees and snow. >> we are right in the middle. >> we are right in the middle and we are going to go through some of that over the next couple hours. the next six to seven hours. it's like a roller coaster ride. i hope you paid for your tickets up front. let's look at how things are now. >> we have seen the rain all day. some locations two to three inches today. it's caused a lot of problems on the roadways. a lot of flooded roadways. we have a couple areas with downed trees and power lines. more of that through the night. let's show you what we are
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talking about. let's zoom in on the area in washington, d.c. you can see where the heavy rain is. prince george's county, almost all of southern maryland down the 95 corridor and back to the west toward warrenton and charlottesville. heavy rain around culpeper and thunderstorms father to the south. look at winchester around 81. i think this is the line between rain to the east and snow right now to the west. you can see what i'm talking about right there. there's winchester and the rain/snow line making its way toward the east. here is the thunderstorm activity that will, i think, make its way toward the north and east toward fredericksburg, the northern neck. southern portions of maryland, get ready. i expect thunder in your area over the next couple hours and a severe thunderstorm watch for areas like richmond and norfolk, and virginia.
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this is a very dynamic situation. an incredibly powerful storm. you can see the rotation of the storm here. here it comes, right in here. here is the thunderstorm activity and the snow behind it. where do we stand now? flood warnings in effect across much of the area including the eastern shore. that's the newest flood warning. along the i-95 corridor, this went through 8:00. i expect it to be increased through the night and the west. culpeper, fredericksburg, all under flood warnings with numerous roadways closed now. give yourself extra time. then you mentioned the snow. winter storm advisories, yeah. howard county, montgomery county. then loudoun and northern fauquier to the west. the pink, around the oakland area, back through portions of western maryland, that is a winter storm warning, three to six, maybe more as far as inches
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go. gusty winds. we are at 50 degrees. the temperatures have fallen. gusts upwards of 28 to 30 miles per hour. they could get up to 40 miles per hour this evening. we could see trees down as this cold air moves in. 50 year. winchester down to 39. 37 in cumberland. the cold air is racing on in here. 28-mile-an-hour wind gusts in washington. 24 in martinsburg. the wins are going to increase throughout evening tonight. through the night, heavy rain along i-95. here comes it rain/snow line along 81. some of it will be heavy snow. i think you'll see a burst of heavy snow for two to three hours to the west. by 11:00, it is just to the west of i-95. a burst of heavy snow to montgomery county. gaithersburg, damascus, western
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portions of howard county, frederick and loudoun county. one to two hours of heavy snow there, then the whole system moves out by midnight. it goes by very, very fast. here is the snowfall totals. the extepided area, three to six inches. then two to three inches along i-81. one to two along loudoun county. a dusting but most like ly by te time you wake up, this is melted. this is not problematic. roadways very, very warm. i'm not too worried about the roads tomorrow morning for the rush hour, either. 45 degrees the high temperature tomorrow. winds calm down. 48 on your friday. then it's breezy and cold for the weekend. high temperatures in the low 40s. really, this is the first taste of winter we have seen. it's here for at least the next week to week and a half. >> everybody needs to do their
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homework. >> stay indoors and get the cameras ready. >> all right. thank you, doug. coming up tonight, former illinois governor, rod blagojevich sentenced. we'll hear from him. >> [ baby coughing ]
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[ coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] more pollution from power plants means more childhood asthma attacks. [ labored breathing ] there's technology that makes the air cleaner, but too many plants don't use it. we can't wait. epa must update power plant standards to protect our kids. [ baby coughing ]
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former illinois governor rod blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in prison. he was convicted of 18 corruption counts including an attempt to sell president obama's senate seat. he asked the judge for mercy. >> among the things he wrote was if you can meet with triumph and disaster, treat those imposters
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just the same. patty and i, and especially me, this is a time to be strong and a time to fight through adversity. >> blagojevich will surrender on february 15th. he's the second illinois governor sentenced for corruption. harry morgan, the actor, died today from pneumonia. he was best known for his role as colonel potter in "mash." his work earned him an emmy award back in 1980. his career includes work in nine other tv series, 100 films and on broadway. on the big screen, he appeared alongside john wayne, elvis presley and dan aykroyd. he was 96 years old. elian gonzalez celebrated
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his 18th birthday in cuba. he demanded the return of five cuban spies convicted in the u.s. 12 years ago, he was the focus of an emotional international battle. on thanksgiving in 1999, his mother and several other cubans drown while trying to enter the united states. he was just about to turn 6. his miami relatives refused to return him to cuba. his father was sheltered in d.c. after seven months and many legal battles, u.s. courts cleared the way for his father to take him home to cuba. they return home to a hero's welcome. mayor gray broke his silence involving harry thomas jr. coming up, the latest on the stabbing that happened at a montgomery county high school.
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plus, a plan to make it easier to get the morning after pill is rejected. coming up in sports, the capitals trying something new against ottawa tonight. two suspended redskins apologize to their teammates. how about these little guys competing in the nationa
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violence among young women in the news tonight. a montgomery blair student is recovering after being stabbed. >> the student is a girl. she was at a basketball game in silver spring when it happened. melissa has the report. >> reporter: the victim, a 17-year-old blair student was at tuesday's game to watch her brother play basketball.
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an altercation that started inside after the game ended with her in the hospital. >> i was surprised. of course concerned. >> reporter: the fight spilled outside into the northwood parking lot here behind me. the victim told police she tried to stop the altercation when she was stabbed multiple times. >> my grand kids go there. i have no idea something like this would happen here. >> reporter: they sent letters home with students telling parents about the incident. they believe the suspects attend kennedy high school and the victim is expected to recover. it seems we are hearing more about female-on-female ins stances. a psychiatrist to who specializes in bullying says this is not new. >> the public and practitioners are more aware of this issue
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right now. but, even if you look at the news in the last ten to 15 years, there are cases like this. >> reporter: between 1993 and 2009 school violence actually decreased. oftentimes the violence goes viral. search on youtube. >> the cases like the one that unfortunately happened here in montgomery county continue to happen all over the world. >> extra counselors were on hand wednesday to speak with students and the security teams at northwood kennedy and blair are working together asking students for information about the altercation. there will be additional security at friday night's game between blair and northwood. in silver spring, maryland,
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melissa ma lay, news 4. >> they are asking students with information to come forward. a doctor accused of taking advantage of patients reached a deal that will keep him out of jail. he practiced in woodbridge, virginia. he was arrested after several patients complained he inappropriately touched or kissed them. today, he entered a plea of no contest to one charge of assault and battery. all other charges were dropped. the judge suspended his 12 month jail sentence. he will not serve any time behind bars. the victims say the sentence was too lenient. d.c. mayor vincent gray is speaking out about harry thomas jr. the probe is taking a toll on the city as well as thomas' family. tom sherwood reports.
6:33 pm
>> the boxing capital of the world, washington, d.c. [ applause ] >> reporter: on wednesday, mayor gray was hosting a press conference to welcome a big boxing match to the city saturday joking about the rough and tumble of city politics. >> i get to attend some boxing matches periodically. believe it or not, some are outside this building. >> reporter: the mayor said little, but let the process play out when it comes to the investigation of harry thomas jr. whose home was raided by the fbi and treasury agents last week amid allegations he misspent $300,000 in city funds on his own lavish lifestyle. >> let the justice system move forward and take the appropriate action. >> reporter: now, gray for the first time went beyond the legal niceties to talk about the probe if wrong doing is found. >> assuming it's true, it's a
6:34 pm
bad situation. again, i can't get into the details of it. i don't know that many details about it. >> reporter: for the first time, the mayor talked sympathetically about the impact on the thomas family. >> i have known him, i have known his family for years. i know his mother. i know his father. he's somebody i've known. i know his wife and kids. this has to be a difficult situation for them. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news 4, washington. ofield dukes was 79 when he died in his hometown of detroit after suffering a long illness. he operated a pr firm here in washington for more than 40 years before he returned to detroit two months ago. his firm received many awards. his first client was motown.
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in 2001, he became the first african-american to receive the public relations society of america's gold handle. it's the highest award given in the public relations industry. he was also on the news 4 community advisory board for years. there will not be a teen curfew in montgomery county. they voted to delay it. it would have made it illegal for those 18 and under to be outside after 11:00 on the weekend. the measure cannot be brought up again for at least 18 months. get the morning after pill over the counter failed. we'll tell you more about that. remembering the victims of
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hello and welcome back. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer watching this strong storm making its way up from the south. the storm is to the south and west. now to the south of roanoke. you can see everybody seeing the heavy rainfall. one to two inches still to come as we make our way through the evening tonight. heaviest rain in southern
6:39 pm
portion of maryland. this area, i think, could see thunderstorms over the next two hours then back to the west, we are looking at heavy rain toward washington. winchester and the martinsburg area very heavy rainfall there. one to two inches an hour. that is where we are seeing that rain change over to snow. one other thing you notice, take a look at this area right in here. this is the area that right now is looking at thunderstorms and some severe weather there. we are looking at thunder and lightning out of that area. we continue to watch that, too, as it makes its way to the northeast. southern portions of maryland, st. marys county will see the worst of the storms. 48 in washington is the current temperature. we have seen falling temperatures all day. 37 in winchester. the rain/snow line around the winchester area now. this is what i expect to see from 6:30 through 8:30, 9:00, we
6:40 pm
see the rain/snow line around i-81. winchester, hagerstown, front royal seeing the snow. some of that snow will come down heavy at times. a brief band of heavy snow that should last one, two, three hours before it's said and done. then it moves off to the east. 11:00, an area to the west of i-95. the rain changing to snow around sterling, damascus, leesburg. could see heavy snow for one to two hours, that's it. it could leave you a dusting of snow. it's it. as far as tomorrow goes, it gets out very, very quickly. everybody sees sunshine tomorrow. high temperatures only in the 40s and that's where we are going to stay right on through the end of the weekend. >> thank you, doug. the morning after birth control pill will be kept behind the pharmacy county for teenagers under the age of 17.
6:41 pm
u.s. health and human services kathleen sebelius denied who can buy it without a prescription. it's despite giving the approval to put plan b on drugstore shelves. girls age 16 and urpd will need a doctors prescription to get it. talking sports. what do you have? >> the lathest is a new line change on his top line. we are talking boxing. it's going to be a fun weekend here in town. major hbo boxing card. we are going to introduce you to [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum...
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we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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so, what was it, a team meeting or something? is that what it was? >> i'm surprised they were still allowed to be in the building. the redskins checked them out. by tomorrow, redskins players will talk about the patriots. today they are answering questions about davis and williams. they violated the league's substance abuse policy. today, they talked to the team to apologize before they disappear until january. >> it's a tough situation for them. they know they made a mistake and they know they have to pay harsh consequences for it. you know, as a teammate, you
6:45 pm
know, you wish -- you wish they were out there with you. they are going through a tough time right now. self-imposed tough time, but at the same time, you know, you feel for them a little bit. >> you hope they take it for what it is and learn from it. they apologized to us. i didn't need an apology. what they done to themselves, really, they apologize to themselves before they apologize to me. it's a team sport and we need them, yes, we need them. they have to deal with more than me. >> if something happens, an injury, this is something they can control. like i said, it's tough. it's tough not having them out there with us. >> the redskins are ready. not in their practice bubble today. they had to move off sight. the building is supposed to be ready a week ago. nothing has gone up yet.
6:46 pm
>> thewet mustwet must be holding it up. >> must be. >> moving on. talking hockey. shaking things up in ottawa. doing something bruce boudreaux did not try, changing the starting lineup. caring about scoring goals when he cares about anything at all. it's an uber talented group. defense is secondary. he's battling a sore shoulder. it's a game time decision tonight, but he's expected to play. dale hunter is in desperation mode just yet. after losing three out of four, he needs something to go right. the players are hoping playing on this line will work out. >> he's a skilled guy, there's no doubt. you know, he's probably one of
6:47 pm
the best in the league. it was a coach's decision. we'll see how it goes. >> trying something new. i think -- i think it's going to mix it up a little bit. maybe we can start scoring again. >> you know, playing games as an offensive guy. we need him to play hard and be creative. if he's in the lineup, i expect him to score goals for us and play hard. >> watch that game on comcast sports net. get your popcorn ready. this saturday night, one of the biggest fight cards d.c. has seen in years. mitchell, a former michigan state player is on the cord. so is anthony peterson. two d.c. natives who spent a portion of their childhood growing up in the streets.
6:48 pm
lamont is the headliner. he faces off against american. a chance to regain a championship belt. the peterson brothers fighting for their hometown. it's a chance to show anything is possible. >> trying to send a message to kids that were in our situation. just people in general. you know, letting everybody know that just because, you know, things got off rough and, you know, with dedication and hard work. you can change, you know, everything. to be homeless and see lights on tv and stuff like that and be part of it. it's the main attraction. it's a god-given thing. i appreciate everybody who supported us. thanks to efbd. it's a beautiful thing. >> i love them. i cannot go to the fight.
6:49 pm
tell me you are going to get tickets. >> i'm trying. what a story. >> the guy from michigan state, too. what a card. >> three local guys to root for. >> all good fighters. >> super talented guys. for sv purposes there might not be anything better than pee-wee football highlights. we have a couple local teams going for national championships. let's go to orlando, florida where they were doing damage. these are 8 to 10-year-olds. check out number eight coming in and getting the sack here. the falcons win 12-8. they play for a super bowl on saturday. 9-11-year-olds. vincent going 30 yards for the touchdown. do these kids already look like little college football players or what? >> yep. >> this time, get out of my way.
6:50 pm
running over defenders. yeah. i got a date with the end zone. he scored. he gets them almost a score. marshall heights shuts them out, 23-0. junior midgets, they are from silver spring playing in this every year. taking the put off. look how fast he is. patient, just weaving his way through tacklers and finding a home. white oak ranked brookline. 31-0. they are super bowl bound as well. i feel we need to tell you about this. ba mark burleigh signed with the marlins, $58 million. probably a good move. the nationals couldn't pay him that kind of money. >> thank you. comi[ baby coughing ]
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[ coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] more pollution from power plants means more childhood asthma attacks. [ labored breathing ] there's technology that makes the air cleaner, but too many plants don't use it. we can't wait. epa must update power plant standards to protect our kids. [ baby coughing ]
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it was 70 years ago today that the japanese launched a surprise attack on pearl harbor and changed everything. more than 2,000 were killed. today, that sight hosted a ceremony to honor those lives lost and those who survived. we have the report. >> reporter: a military flyover in the missing man formation. the moment the attacks began here 70 years ago. the presentation of colors help commemorate the anniversary of the surprise attack on december 7, 1941. "uss arizona" more than 2400 died that day. now 70 years later, some 3,000 people came to remember, including more than 100 survivors. among them, this 88-year-old.
6:55 pm
he gave the keynote address at the ceremony. he was 18 when the attack happened and remembers it like it was yesterday. >> the day of infamy. united our country as never before. the country rallied around this slogan, remember pearl harbor. >> reporter: he and the other survivors are now in their late 80s and early 90s, for many, this may be their lost journey to pearl harbor. ♪ >> reporter: a piece of living history that will eventually be gone. the memories of that fateful day will forever live on in history. >> let no one disturb this say credit water in the harbor. they hold the watery grave of the fate of infamy. those among us whose ashes are yet to join you, remember pearl harbor, keep america alert.
6:56 pm
god bless you and god bless america. [ applause ] >> reporter: in pearl harbor, hawaii, stephanie stanton, news 4. coming up at 11:00, a family pet disappears and ends up at a local has been mall shelter. there was no happy homecoming. the 2-year-old dog slipped away. somebody picked her up and dropped her off at the d.c. animal shelter. how it led to a sad ending. >> final check, doug. a lot going on as far as the weather is concerned. thundersto activity. around portions of west virginia and just to the west in winchester, virginia and leesburg, thunderstorms there, too. we'll zoom into one area around quantico and waldorf. they are seeing heavy rain right now and thunderstorms could see
6:57 pm
strong storms there. this is the area, look at the red right here coming into portions of western loudoun county. thunder and lightning in jefferson keown ty and hagerstown. there was a strong line of showers and thunderstorms moving through. on the backside, winchester, 37 degrees with snow reported. they have seen thupder snow in the panhandle of west virginia. leesburg, you will see the line come through you in a half hour to 40 minutes. winds could gust 30 to 40 miles per hour. not a lot of snow from this. a quick hitting snow with snowfall rates of one to two inches per hour to the west of washington. two to three inches toward winchester. higher elevations along the blue ridge could pick up four to five inches. that includes portions of frederick county and northeastern portions of gaithersburg. one to two inches there.
6:58 pm
a dusting around washington, d.c. not a lot of snow there. i don't expect too many problems on the road. for the next couple hours, to the west of washington, we'll go through quite a bit in changes as far as the weather is concerned. we'll keep you updated. tomorrow, everything changes for the better. 45 degrees with plenty of sunshine. windy early. the winds calm down. colder air moves in here right through the epd of the weekend and into next week. highs into the 40s. something we have not seen. we're going to see it now. a very strong storm rumbles through the area. we'll keep you updated all night long here. >> if you look outside and see the snow flakes, don't get excited about school closings. >> don't get excited at all. we may not see any school closings in the area at all. >> it's warm. >> 60 degrees. exactly. >> all right. thank you.
6:59 pm
>> that's the broadcast for now. "nightly news" coming up next. >> we hope to see you tonight at 11:00. have a good evening. on the broadcast tonight, prescription change. the obama administration blocks a plan to make the morning after pill more easily available to young girls. jerry sandusky arrested again, handcuffed at his home, taken to jail after two more young men accuse him of sexual abuse. fighting breast cancer. should women worry about the risk from cell phones, hair color, water bottles, what's in the environment. tonight we have an update on prevention and treatment of the disease. and together again, but perhaps for the last time. 70 years after a day the world will nev


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